Astro-Notes on October 13, 2012 – overburdened

A sesqui-quadrate between the Sun in Libra and retrograde Chiron in Pisces that perfects in the morning indicates that these situations, where we feel victimized and powerless (10 of Swords was yesterday’s Tarot card – the Sun moved into aspect with Chiron already yesterday evening), are a source of suffering and nightmares that could rob us of our sleep and as a consequence, could leave us in an unbalanced state or unstable condition. After the Moon’s ingress to Libra at 7:01 pm EDT and instant connecting with Saturn in Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces will we seek to restore our inner peace by letting go of resentments, releasing the burdens and imagining a new reality that’s more in harmony with our ideals.  Another sesqui-quadrate between Mercury in Scorpio and retrograde Pallas in Pisces urges us to reflect on and contemplate strategies we’ve employed in order to find out where we need to deepen our focus or transform our mental process.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Wands”,suggesting that we’ve reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle, where we now have to deal with the consequences of our achievement. This completion comes with great responsibilities and commitments though in order to ensure our ongoing success. Thus, we could be overextending ourselves as we carry our ambitious burdens by trying to do too much or because we have taken on too much. Therefore, it’s time to rebalance, to gather up our lessons and to recollect ourselves for the next phase life has to offer. As we press onwards, we need to pace ourselves, manage efficiently and prioritize or we could be ending up fighting uphill.   

In the news: Sadly, the body found in Colorado is that of the missing girl Jessica Ridgeway. – A shot was fired at Obama campaign office in Denver.

Personal Note: Typical for Friday night, my neighbor had a party again. People visiting him were just rampaging through the building like wild animals. Needless to say that I couldn’t get any sleep until shortly before I had to get up for an early shift.